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From Around The Web: Big Muscle Dubai Special- /Drive Network

I’ve always been a fan of the /Drive network on YouTube, whether it’s ‘Big Muscle’ showing pro touring American Muscle builds from the States, ‘Tuned’ showcasing ridiclous cars such as a 1,000 HP Honda Odyssey or ‘Clean’ telling me about restoration and giving cleaning tips and my other favourite, ‘Chris Harris on cars’. There are also many other channels! I’m in no way affiliated with /Drive, I did try to write to them for an internship but I just thought I’d share it with other car lovers, especially since they’ve featured Dubai recently!

Just in case you don’t know, ‘Pro-Touring is a style of classic muscle car with enhanced suspension components, brake system, drivetrain, and aesthetics, including many of the amenities of a new performance car. – Wikipedia

The /Drive network has always been one of the things that motivated me to continue trying to find a job/be a part of the automotive industry. With Bug Muscle, the host always has something positive to say about the builds he showcases and it always seems genuine when you see his face light up after pressing the gas. Plus the cars are outrageous, loud, heavily engineered and never shy about burning a set of tires!

Due to being quite busy, I haven’t seen many of their latest episodes. While browsing YouTube, I was surprised to see an episode filmed right in our back yard of Dubai, featuring a Land Cruiser build! Always nice to see the ‘real’ side of Dubai shown to the world. The car lover side!

I will admit, I grew up with a manual 8 cylinder landcruiser that you’ve seen on the ‘About Us’ page, but I’ve never really driven off road, I’ve always been a Jumeirah Beach Road cruiser! Seems like a shame…

Check out their video from Dubai:

And a few others I quite like:

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