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UAE photos: Checking out the Kono Pizza Food Truck & Jet Ski Championship

Part of  Dubai-Cruise-Nights involves where to eat in our beautiful city! With that in mind, I decided to start with food trucks since we’re a site for car lovers! Combine food + truck and everyone is satisfied, especially if it’s good food!

One of the companies I contacted to ask if they wanted to be a part of what I’m trying to build was Konos Pizza. An innovative concept, Pizza…in a cone! Shortly after writing to them, they called me up and very kindly invited me to come down and be a part of their opening day! No one can say no to pizza…

This morning I headed down to meet them at a beautiful spot just behind Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach road. Their launch coincided with the ‘Dubai Water Bike Championship’. Adrenaline filled action in combination with a sign saying ‘free cones for the first hour’, a match made in heaven! The guys told me they don’t have a permanent location yet but their goal is to get everyone to have their pizza! Even if you want to see them at your house on a Friday…

The guys behind Kono Pizza (Aus and Badr) as well as their friends present for support were incredibly friendly and welcoming, ensuring that they greeted everyone, thanked them personally for coming down and making sure that they got their free cone! Pepperoni came highly recommended and it was delicious! They have something for everyone’s tastes and the cones are served with a smile!

I highly recommend you check them out and I wish their team all the best!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you very much about the jet ski championship… But I’ve added some photos to make up for it!

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