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Welcome to Dubai-Cruise-Nights! This site has been set up by a car enthusiast – for car enthusiasts! To get right to the latest news (click here)


Who am I?

My name is Nicolai Vondracek and I’ll be your host! I was born and raised in Dubai, lived there for 20 years and then came to study in Europe. I’ve now graduated and can dedicate some time to my passion! Since I’m working in Europe there will be a lot of photos of car culture over here.


What is this website for?

Long story short, the purpose of this website is to connect car lovers as well as everything else related to ‘cruising’.


What is cruising? I hear you ask…

No, we’re not talking about boats here (until I buy a boat)… According to Wikipedia, “Cruising is a social activity that primarily consists of driving a car. Cruising can be an expression of the freedom of possessing a driver’s license. Cruising is distinguished from regular driving by the social and recreational nature of the activity, which is characterized by an impulsively random, often aimless course. A popular route (or “strip”) is often the focus of cruising. “Cruise nights” are evenings during which cars drive slowly, bumper-to-bumper…)


What do I cruise in?

I love cruising, when I’m in Dubai – you can find me me in my 1991 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC which I’ve had since I was 18. My other cruiser is a 1999 VXR Toyota Land Cruiser (manual V8, surprisingly uncommon here since 2000, yet immensely popular based upon the number of times we’ve been stopped by potential buyers), a 1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC or a 1986 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL. Click the links to see photos. Dutch car prices and the fact that they don’t accept the UAE license have me waiting for the right moment to get back into it!


So, what do I have to offer you?

If the roar of an engine makes you smile, this website is for you. Whether you own a beautiful car or like looking at beautiful cars, I will try to have the content for you. Above all, Dubai-Cruise-Nights aims to make cruising more social. This site and social media is not only for highly professional looking photos (sometimes they will be blurry!) and videos, it will have real content, taken by real people (sorry, no two wheel, dangerous driving videos allowed here). As the site grows, I hope to have more information for you, including the best garages in town, best places to buy rims/window tinting/exhausts/etc, places to eat and drink and more.

  • Car – truck – bike owners: If you have a car or bike that you’re proud of, head over to the Contact Us page to request an information sheet so that you can answer a few questions and attach some photos. As soon as you have completed that, we will set up a nice profile page for you on the Cruise Night Vehicles page to to tell us about yourself and show off your car, permanently. (It’s free, don’t worry…) Every profile will have as much (or little) information as you decide. Maybe someone who likes your car can contact you and you can meet up, or, they can contact me and I will ask you. We can also talk about showcasing your club here, with regular content updates.
  • Car spotters – photographers – musicians etc: Do you have great photos and want to show them off or you’re  a DJ with a mix that you think is perfect for those Beach Road cruise nights, browse to the Contact Us page and we’ll find a space to share your content! Wouldn’t it be nice to know your tunes are being blasted over those beautiful speakers in a million dollar car? We will, of course give you full credits for your talent! (Also free!)
  • Workshop – accessory stores: Do you have a fantastic workshop with skilled technicians or accessories shop with the latest products? If you answered yes, would you like to be featured on our website and social media? Use the Contact Us page and request more information.
  • Restaurants – cafes: Does your restaurant make the best burger in town? Is your coffee so good that we’ll be waiting outside the front door for you to open? Do you want us to show up in our nice cars with the whole crew after spotting you here and on social media? Use the Contact Us page and request more information.

We look forward to having you as a member, no matter which group you fit into!